Hey guys (and gals)! I’m Maria, the owner, cameraWOman, and editor of Acre and Arrow Films. I first started using a video camera when I was like….10. I would follow my friends around and awkwardly film them like we were auditioning for The Real World of something. Then, about 6 years later, I went to high school and signed up for a broadcast journalism class. Honestly, I just signed up because I thought it would be a blow off, but it ended up being my favorite place to be. Like seriously the only class I wouldn’t skip (wow I sound like such a rebellious teen…). Fast forward to 2015. I was working a job I felt no passion towards and started asking myself all of those deep questions you ask yourself in your mid-twenties like, “what is my purpose in life” and “what job would bring me joy”…the rebellious teen I guess turned into an Aristotle wannabe. I remembered high school and how I loved to edit and film videos, but how could I make a job out of this? I wasn’t about to head to Hollywood…I really don’t think my dog would like it in LA (he’d get jealous of all the famous golden retrievers i.e Air Bud). Around this phase of ‘questioning my dreams’, I visited my grandma. She’s an upfront Italian woman with a contagious smile and the best damn soup you will ever eat (just giving you a visual). That afternoon, we pulled out old photo albums and family videos. She asked if I wanted to watch their wedding film and of course I told her yes. As it started, I was instantly in awe. I remember feeling like I was able to time travel. I was a guest at their wedding. I was seeing faces smile and laugh and I was able to see my grandmother gather the sides of her dress and walk into the church where her and my grandfather would start their life together. Then I peeked over at my grandma and she had tears in her eyes. She was time traveling too. She was remembering the people, the conversations, the moments she lived. I never saw this reaction while flipping through photos, it was just with watching this video, and then I thought to myself, "I want to do that". I wanted to create something that was cherished, that made you feel, that brought you back to a moment of significance. So that's what I did. That same week, I called up my cousin and filmed her wedding and the rest is history. So hopefully I can create something for you that your grandchildren will watch. If you don’t hire me, HIRE SOMEONE. Heck, buy a cheap camera from Target and have your Uncle film it. I promise, you will never regret preserving the most important day of your life!


Midnight in Paris, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,
Boyhood, Roman Holiday, LA LA Land,
500 Days of Summer, Before Sunrise, and The Parent Trap (duh)

The Lone Bellow, Novo Amor, The Avett Brothers,
The Black Keys, Bon Iver, Charles Bradley, Wilco,
Billie Holiday, Leon Bridges, Mt. Joy, Cardi B

Game of Thrones, Gilmore Girls, The Office,
Parenthood, Vanderpump Rules, Parks and Rec,
Parts Unknown, Chefs Table, The Tonight Show

Grilled Cheese, mac and cheese, cheese pizza,
cheese, cheese, cheese…see what I did there?
But Middle Eastern food is legit my fav.

Dwight Schrute, plants, my dog, tattoos,
vintage shops, spontaneous traveling, GOOD coffee,
singing, yoga, reading, jazz, my kick ass girl squad

Putt-putt golf, chain restaurants, olives,
Donald Trump, microwaves, popcorn,
Starbucks, mean people, bad vibes